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Thank you for choosing Body Work Massage and Skin Therapy.  We provide medical and therapeutic massage and professional skin care services.  We believe in a whole body approach to achieving and maintaining balance and excellent health because the body in not made up of separate parts, it's all one unit and the muscles can be seen as over 600 compartments within the whole.  We spend time focusing on correcting connective tissue (Fascia) dysfunction as well as muscle dysfunction and body alignment issues in an effort to bring the body back into balance and ease.  

Dis-ease with in the body creates disease and Massage therapy is a wonderful tool to assist in correcting dis-ease and preventing disease.  Here at Body Work Massage And Skin Therapy we specialize in medical/orthopedic massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular massage (Trigger Point Therapy), sports massage, Auth-method forearm massage, muscle energy technique, Swedish, pre-natal and post-natal massage and Reiki for anxiety and stress management.

We offer professional skin care and are able to address a multitude of skin conditions including acne, sun/environmental damage, aging and sensitive skin. We also offer body treatments to address many skin concerns including scrubs to smooth and tone dull, flaky skin and It Works body wraps to purify and nourish the skin for a soft, hydrated, smooth and supple finish. Please look over the site and use our contact information page to send any questions or comments.


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